YouTube Inspirations While Home with a Sick Kid

I need to keep this blog entry short as I'm writing it while my 9-year-old son is napping.  I'm home with him today because he's missing school due to a wicked case of the stomach flu.  We passed the time this morning watching classic "Tom & Jerry" cartoons (the new modern T&J toons just don't measure up), playing on his mini iPad, some coloring and drawing, and a little bit of reading.  But we also spent some time watching some of his favorite YouTube videos.  Now, the mind of a 9-year-old boy is like the Wild, Wild, West.  There are no rules... So we ranged from "Llamas with Hats" to "Dumb Ways to Die" among others.

But this leads me to the point I was going to make about YouTube videos in this blog post.  Just recently, I read that four of the top ten most viewed videos on YouTube in 2014 were advertisements.  Which just goes to show that if content is engaging, interesting, informative, stimulating, and/or entertaining, then people will seek it out, watch it, and share it (even if it is an advertisement with the goal of pitching you or selling you a product or service).  Of course, we specialize in helping folks create video content that is engaging, interesting, informative, stimulating, and/or entertaining.  So feel free to check out some of our video samples and let us know if you are interested in creating video content for your business, start-up company, organization, charity, school, etc.

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