When Something Old Is New Again

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it's the time of year when the world starts anew.... and many of us look back at what we've done.   new year - it either gives a sense of "better things to come" or "oh, no, not more of the same." me, i tend to be melancholy. introspective.  each year its different for me.  this year i worry. what usually worries me is the sense of dread over things i can't control.... like the economy, war, is God really listening to me? i do realize that worrying about stuff i can't really control is probably not the best way to spend my time...  but i guess that's what makes me who i am...   human a small business owner. Don't get me wrong i do feel blessed... by my relationships (yes, honey, i mean you), my fantastic job and the many gifts in my life.  life IS good.  i stumbled across this website last year... it's like heaven for old discarded photos from a million years ago. when i get mucked in my melancholy madness i like to go look at these oldies but goodies. i like to look into the eyes of the proud parents with a newly hatched baby or the fancy ladies with fashionable hats or the fresh faced lovers on a date. they make me smile. they make my heart swell with hope. they make me look forward to better things coming in the new year... knowing that whenever i need to i can look back at this website, when something old is new again.  

happy new year.

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I’m crying.

Tweedee Productions | Jan 07, 2010


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