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video storytelling is a powerful tool - but it becomes a super-power when great images are combined with great testimonials. have you ever noticed how powerful a commercial becomes when you see & hear a real person talking about a real thing? telling their real story? in their words? look at this Nike spot. simple concept. powerful images. all told by the dancer. never once does she mention Nike or her clothes & shoes... but the super powerful images combined with words makes it almost impossible to not watch. heck, i'm not even a fan of dance, but i had to watch the entire thing. or these testimonial stories from iQ Academies of Wisconsin. meeting these students & hearing their stories is the biggest selling point. it's not a hard sell, just their truth in their words. their honesty strikes a chord with kids and parents alike.

sandy thinks honesty is the best policy>  sandy thinks honesty is the best policy.

even if you are marketing your product its better to hear the pitch coming from a real, unscripted person. take a look at this marketing video by NeuWave Medical. these are the people who make this life saving equipment. they believe in it so they should tell the story. Thrive, a business development group, uses stories told by business owners & developers in southern wisconsin. could these stories be told with a narrative by a "voice of god"? sure - but it would not be as personal or feel as sincere as these stories told by real people. they believe it so they should talk about it. they are the experts. heck, even we tell our own story. check out our opening web site video. you get to meet us and hear what we do directly from us. we use the same technique with our tweedee-news video newsletter. its always better coming straight from the horse's mouth...but that's just my opinion.

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.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | May 25, 2010

Sandy Kowal: Honesty Incarnate!

Lemuel Sheridan | May 28, 2010

Hah I’m actually the first reply to your amazing writing?!

Tweedee Productions | Jun 03, 2010

thanks for the support, you guys.

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