So You Want To Make A Video

So you want to do a video! How exciting! You’ll be making an investment in your company, improving your company’s image and making your company more searchable on the web.

Your first step: plan before you call for a video production cost estimate.  What will your video be used for – marketing a service? Sales of a product? Training or recruitment? Corporate image?

Step Two: what’s your message? Try to make your message specific. Are you doing good things and want your clients and potential clients to be aware of all your good work? Is your business reaching a milestone you want to recognize? Are you a leader in your field? Have a focus.

Step Three: Do you have an example of the type or look of the video production you want? Maybe you saw an ad on TV that grabbed your attention…

Maybe you watched something on the internet you know you don’t want (NSFW). By giving us an example of what you’re interested in we can get you what you’re looking for - so together we can successfully reach Step 4: the bottom line.

Step Four: what is your investment, what is your budget? By telling us the specific dollar amount you need the video production estimate to match we can better plan the tools we can use for your production. Please keep in mind - If you want us to produce a Porsche, but your actual budget is for a ’73 Vega, we may not attain the high-end look you are going for. If we know your budget before we estimate we can better manage your expectations. Tweedee Productions has a lot of resources to use in your project, but if your investment doesn’t match your expectations, we will never come close to hitting your target.

Most importantly we want to do an effective video and we want you to be happy! We’re in it together – all it takes is a little planning. 


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