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This month I took a long vacation – possibly one of the longest ever in my life (other than summer vacation as a kid) – you see I can’t relax and NOT work unless I’m NOT in town. I took 2 weeks and went to Hawaii.

This much needed time off was put to good use. While in the island state I found many ways to distract myself from frigid Wisconsin: got married, hiked, beach-combed & I even took a few naps.  Possibly one of the more fun activities was people watching. I love watching folks be themselves.

Some observations of note:
Bottled water tastes better on vacation. Even kids love bottled water.
Babies cry louder on airplanes, at night, than on the ground. Fellow passengers who shout “shut up” do not help.
People will eat foods they would never try at home and, even if it tastes horrible, they will claim to like it. The give-away: “what spice is in this?”
Hawaiian dogs are very mellow.

One particularly interesting thing I noticed while shopping (in the small town near our rental home) is that people will like your store more & pay a lot more for something if you call your store a boutique. Shoppers will pay twice as much for your goods than in a regular store.  And shoppers appear at least twice as happy leaving the boutique with their shopping bag in hand.

Which inspired me about work, not that I was thinking about work…
Welcome to the Tweedee Production Video Boutique!
Fresh bottled water.
No crying babies.
No bad food.
Mellow dogs welcome.

 I think I’m onto something.


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