It’s the team that counts…

As I spend another Sunday afternoon with the NFL and my team, the Packers (yes, they are my team), I come to appreciate great teamwork. After a few disappointing weeks being a Green Bay fan, it was fantastic to see the guys working as a team. Things really clicking. Rogers leading his rag-tag offense - we even had a running game!  And the defense stepping up amidst early injuries (I think Matthews’ pretty hair has something to do with it). Coach McCarthy calling plays again… just like the old days of glory. Sure, things weren’t perfect – but it was sure fun. AND we won. What a day!

Football is a lot like life… in an odd way. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but - every player seems to play better on a winning team. If your team sucks it seems like everyone on the team is playing poorly. Just a little success can make even the worst season turn around. My theory: understanding your role & understanding the goal brings success. Just play your part & play it well.

I’m lucky. I work on a great team. My team makes me better.

Why does Tweedee Productions find success in Madison, WI? We are a team of storytellers that loves what we do. Our success is measured in the success of each client’s video. It really doesn’t matter if the project is short or takes a year to complete (we’ve had a couple of these this season)… Each video is a little gold nugget wrapped in beautiful images, thoughtful words and effective messaging.  The stories we tell win because each team member is a team player. Working together – pushing for greatness with every project. Every client. Every win.

As we wrap up a great 2015 season – I look forward to an even greater 2016 for my  team. Go team Tweedee!

And, oh yeah, go Packers!

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