How to Create Hype with Viral Video

I'd like you to get to know "Gentlemen Broncos". This film is coming out in October and it looks very funny. It has drama, comedy and great visuals. I don't get to movie theaters a lot, so watching trailers and finding out about films typically are done online. The trailers not only tell a story but they lead to creating opinions. They help build anticipation for the movie event! Hazzah! Buzz is built! Like movie trailers, you can build HUGE buzz by making a video invitation viral. People pass it around, they tweet it, they facebook it, and so on. But it should have the right elements. I believe that there are a bunch of viral videos that get hype created and we can learn from movie trailers!

1. Know your voice. If you don't have footage or photographs, you can make a short film that gives you the "flavor". When "Spinal Tap" was originally teased, they didn't want to give away the joke, so they ran this trailer.

2. Keep it simple. It's easy to throw every message in the world into a teaser but the great ones know how to produce indelible images that stick with you.

3. Create contrast. I used to work for an agency in Kansas City and the president of the company used to tell media buyers to place our client's spots where they could not only target the market but also create CONTRAST. It helps bring attention to your very effective message. In 2000, "X-Men", "Gladiator" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" were big movies that had blaring, super sonic speed trailers. Meanwhile, M. Night's trailer for "Unbreakable" was simple and quiet while it slightly unfolded the mystery of Bruce Willis' character. I distinctly remember seeing this trailer and being stunned.

4. Call to Action. I made this trailer for a buddy of mine who was competing in this year's Ironman Wisconsin. I started off without pulling any punches, "MARK YOUR CALENDARS". And the end gave you the date. Bookends.

5. Have Fun with It. Mock your competition. Have fun with what you're doing and who's part of it. Make fun of your own business. If you're not enjoying it, then it will show in your work.

Viral videos create stunning visuals and make things real. It makes me wonder why we don't do this more...? I've made a few and they've done a great job at making an event come to life. Here's one last video that I created for The Aquathon racing series.

 Donovan Delivers Viral Video for Tweedee Productions>  Donovan Delivers Viral Video for Tweedee Productions

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