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It dawned on me the other day, that most first-time clients ask the same questions about video production. So I decided to answer those questions with my usual tongue in cheek (some may say sarcastic) style. I'll try to clearly sum up, in an understandable way, the 6 most popular video production questions Tweedee Productions gets about videos.sometimes a smart-aleck

1 I need a 2 minute video – what will it cost?

Video production pricing is based on all the ingredients we will need to put into your project. Basic videos include: planning; field production; graphic animation; editing; and posting of your video. We’ll ask you a series of questions to help determine what elements you need. The more elaborate the video - the more financial investment you’ll need to make. Think of it like building a house – do you need 2 bedrooms or 4? Is it made of brick or vinyl siding? How many windows and what size? And, like in home building, if you make a major change to the plan after construction begins it will probably affect the cost.

2. Why do you need all those people in the crew?

When we estimate a project we’ll determine the most effective and efficient field production crew to get the job done right. A basic crew is a field producer, photographer and grip.

The field producer does a lot of the planning and setup before the shoot. At the shoot they’ll act as production coordinator, ask the questions during the interviews and they may write the script and supervise the edit afterwards.

The photographer determines the best location for the interviews, lights the subject and/or location and makes sure to get the creative shots needed to tell your story.

The grip will help haul gear, help set up lights and essentially help out in whatever way needed during the field production.

Other crew members needed might be: an audio recordist; a lighting grip; a prompter operator; a makeup artist; actors – each project is different. Each budget is different.

3. Can I produce the video myself?

Many clients ask this question. The general answer is yes, but we’d prefer if you didn’t. You may think that doing it yourself will save you money, but in the long run you probably won’t. Here’s why - a video producer has years of experience in video project planning and coordination, years of experience in interviewing people to get great answers, years of experience writing professional scripts, years of experience in organizing field productions and years of experience in storytelling.

You probably don’t.

Our experience with self-producing clients usually means more work and additional post-production hours that we’ll need to bill you for after the field production.

Post-production time relies heavily on what we have gathered during pre-production and during the field shoot. An efficient and experienced producer will acquire, organize and provide all the foundational elements necessary for a proper script and edit timeline. Believe me, we have spent many extra hours trying to “fix” a project done by self-producing clients who are trying to save money.

Not to brag, but things will be more economical and efficient if you just leave it to the professionals.

We do encourage clients to be a part of the process – in fact we wish you would: out-line your script; help with location scouts; find good interview subjects; and provide graphic files. Helping out WILL lower your investment. Doing the field producing yourself WILL NOT.

4. Why do I need to pay for music? Can’t I use free music?

There is no such thing as free music. You may think there is, but there is no free music. A good question to ask yourself when using music is: “Did the composer create this song with my product/business in mind?” If the answer in no, then you need to compensate that composer for the music. If you don’t pay for the music you are stealing it.

Buying a file from iTunes or another popular music source does not give you the rights to use that song for marketing your business. Elton John did not write “Tiny Dancer” for your dog walking business.

Tweedee Productions uses a professional music library (containing 1000's of songs - not exaggerating, literally 1000's) that is cleared for various uses... from website to social media to broadcast. Your music fee is based on what you’ll use it for.  

5. Why do I need a professional to voice my video? Can’t I or someone I know voice it?

Yes, you or someone you know could be the “voice” of your project. Keep in mind - a professional voice-over person knows how to tell a story. They don’t read your script – they tell your story thru the script. So a professional might be a better choice to represent your company. This is something we can help you determine pretty early on in your project.

6. The estimate I agreed to is the amount I’ll be billed, right?

Theoretically, yes. If we use less time to produce your project we will charge you less than the estimate. And conversely, if it takes longer to produce your project the invoice will reflect that. Don’t worry, we are pretty good estimators. When you make a project change we’ll let you know if your changes effect the estimated cost - before we make the changes.

Whew, there you go! Everything you been dying to know... If you have other questions please call. We can't wait to start telling your  story!

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