Do Words Rule?



i've been noticing a trend happening.

we've been getting more requests for what i refer to as "motion graphics mixed with power point". but, come to find out, it has a fancy name: infographics. now, i like moving video, but apparently some folks really want to avoid video completely & use words and images instead. what a crazy idea! but, you know what - it can work. images & words can be very entertaining beyond just being informative... check out this Local Punched piece we did. it's very active - entertaining, yet gets the message across. here is another popular concept one of our clients, McGraw Hill, likes to use. i must admit this is WAY better than just reading a dry web article or watching wallpaper video that doesn't really match the narrative.  and infographics can be WAY less of a financial investment. just imagine the cost of using real actors in the McGraw Hill piece. that would be crazy expensive. obviously video will always be better to tell an emotional, personal story... but it looks like infographics are here to stay. and for good reason. -sa



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