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It’s that time of year when we count our blessings. Of course, like many, my super-cool spouse and “family” are at the top of my list… but I’m often stunned by how fortunate I am to have a career where I can creatively express myself each day. I love telling stories about people – what they’ve accomplished, what they’ve overcome, how they help others. It’s very inspirational for me. Spending intimate hours with folks who open up and share a part of their lives with Tweedee Productions. Sometimes you can just see into the subject’s soul during an interview… you can see the love, discovery, excitement as they talk about something very dear to them.

Now this may sound corny, but I’m blessed to be able to collaborate with my co-workers – they are a talented bunch. Each so different in style, but when you mix us all together – the recipe is delicious. Gregg is often thought of as the quiet one – but when he’s not speaking, he’s dreaming up new ideas and approaches to projects and to business management. He has really grown - wearing his 2 hats of photographer and CEO.  Most importantly, he has made growing Tweedee Productions his top priority.

Dan is really hitting his stride as executive producer. He does a great job of combining all the ingredients – coming up with a good mix in the script. He thinks in words AND in pictures, which is difficult for some writers. What I really appreciate about Dan is he’s a creative collaborator through-out the process – always willing to reevaluate and conceive new ideas. Dan usually has the most contact with clients once a project is underway – he is an excellent bridge builder and communicator. He makes sure we are capturing the client’s concept and somehow he manages to “manage” the client’s expectations.

Steve is a magician. There is nothing he can’t create, animate or weave visually into a story. Steve’s not afraid to spread some secret sauce on a project - he’s a risk-taker. He often just tries stuff to see if it works. And somehow he understands our sometimes cryptic descriptions of computer graphic effects – even when we don’t use the correct terms or know exactly what we want!  

And Mac. Mac is the unsung hero of the entire Tweedee Productions contraption. Mac perseveres. Mac is consistent.  Mac is the guy who is on the front-end of most projects: the one who courts the clients and sorts out the proposals. Even though Mac doesn’t “produce” video, he brings an important ingredient to the creative process: an outside set of eyes. He’ll often suggest options or solutions we haven’t thought of – both creatively and logistically.

So you see – I am blessed. As the New Year begins, may I remember on the difficult days and on the phenomenal ones to never take for granted how truly blessed I am.

Happy New Year. Love, Sandy

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