Why Tweedee Productions Is Business Award Winner

Professional achievement awards can be both rewarding and disappointing - you feel great when you win, lousy when you loose.  Today, I feel great because we won.

Tweedee Productions was recently honored with a Dane County Small Business Award presented through the University of Wisconsin School of Business.  While I have personally won several individual awards for various video productions as a TV news photographer and now for Tweedee Productions, this one is especially sweet.  Why?  Because it's an award for the company, not just me. The Dane County Small Business Awards recognize what businesses contribute to the community, not necessarily for what they produce.  The winning criteria include creating a responsible and rewarding workplace environment and providing support (in-kind or financial) to the community.  An independent panel of judges selected 10 winners out of more than 100 nominees for 2014.

I had to give a short acceptance speech at the awards ceremony in front of about 100 people.  I was nervous, but I had a written statement that I rehearsed so I felt less nervous than if I had just tried to wing it.  I wanted to make two important points - two fundamental goals of mine when starting the business in 1998 - that employees be treated and paid fairly, and we would give back to the community as we are able.

Firstly, I believe that we treat and pay our employees fairly as evidenced by the fact that they stick around.  All of our employees earn vacation time beyond the standard two-weeks-off-after-one-year of most businesses.  Employees get paid sick time, holidays, personal days and flexible personal time off.  Our pay rates are comparable or above the average industry standards for our market.  But perhaps what our employees appreciate the most is that we treat them like professionals.  We assign them work, they understand what the need to do, and they get the job done.

Secondly, one of our core values is to provide our services to worthy organizations who may not have a budget for high-quality video production.  I'm proud to say that we have produced videos for The Badger Chapter of The American Red Cross, the YWCA, and Sunshine Place Emergency Food Pantry to name a few.  Additionally, we have allowed our employees to designate cash contributions from the company to a worthy organization of their choice.

YWCA: Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women Video:


The DCSBA web page supports the idea that a company is only as good as it's employees: "The award is given to the business, including all of the employees, not just the owners. We recognize the owner(s) have the vision and take the risk, but it is the teamwork of all the employees that makes a successful company." 

Yes, it does take a team for a company to be a success.  Today, I am proud of our team.


Click here to read more about Tweedee winning a DCSB award in In Business magazine.

Congratulations to all of the 2014 Dane County Small Business Award Winners:

Arboretum Music School
BCP Transportation
Bersten International
BrightStar Care
Cherry Tree Dental
JP Hair Design
K&A Greenhouse
The Dog Den
Tweedee Productions
and Small Business Advocate of the Year - Terry Sivesind, founder of Merlin Mentors

See, I'm happy!

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