The Qualities of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos

I was challenged by one of my best friends Matt to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. His video featured his two adorable daughters all over him while he explained what he was doing and who was being challenged. After he finished his opening statements, his older daughter hands him a wastebasket full of water and he pours it over his head while his eyes squeezed shut. The water dumps out in all one roaring splash and immediately his older daughter off camera asks, "Good?" Matt tells me that it the challenge is now up to those who have been challenged. His younger daughter laughs one single, "HA!" then covers her mouth in (what looks like) embarassment. The video stops. 

Matt's a consummate pro in his field of video. He works for a Fortune 500 company as an Associated Creative Director. He is detail oriented and I highly respect him as a video producer and a motion designer. But, even guys like him fell into the trap that most clients may fall prey. Let's just get it done and the message will make it good.

Here are some of the common things that have happened during the shooting:

1. Bad lighting. It's shot at night or in weird light or the sun's behind them. The lens can't handle the environment.

2. Audio's tough to hear. I know. It's just an iPhone. I'm just saying that the mic isn't designed for much more than ambient noise.

3. It's typically shot in 'Portrait Mode'. This is when you shoot video so it's 9:16 (tall) when video is traditionally shot in 16:9. This makes the video that much smaller on the screen and tough to see.

4. Thumbnail's all messed up. Hey, it's gonna be thumbnail, so make sure the screengrab doesn't have the head chopped off. I think you're good looking and you should show what your momma and poppa gave you.

5. There is a call to action. The very people who are challenged are called out.

Since there's a clear message, it should be a good video, right? Even when the message is clear and your needs are spelled out, it can make your company look worse to take half measures with your video. I encourage you to hire solid pro's on your next film or video project. We'll keep the quality high. You don't have to worry about it.

Because you don't want your version of Rush Hour 2 to look like this:

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